Danika Flores- 2023 Glenn Co. Miss

Danika Flores- 2023 Glenn Co. Miss

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Our People’s Choice title is decided on by friends, family and member of the audience at the 2023 California Miss United States Agriculture Pageant. 

If you want to submit a vote larger than $10 simply change the quantity at check out.

People’s choice votes help with our scholarship fund!

We will award a People’s Choice title to the contestant with the highest number of votes. 

Each $1 counts as 1 vote. Voting is done is $10 increments. 

This years 2023 California Miss United States Agriculture People's Choice Queens will receive:

  • Miss United States Agriculture Official State Round Crown

  • State Sash Pin

  • Embroidered Sash with Rhinestone Trim

They will also be invited to compete at the 2023 Miss United States Agriculture National Pageant!

Minimum vote is $10.
$10 = 10 votes
$20 = 20 votes
$50 = 50 votes
$100 = 100 votes
$250 = 250 votes